About Us

At SCSC, we support people living with intellectual, cognitive and developmental disabilities, as well as their families and carers. Our participants come from diverse backgrounds and live throughout the Sydney. 

We deliver activities and programs to the people we support, to foster greater autonomy and nurture community engagement. Through these programs, people with disability can acquire important social and life skills that enable them to live a fulfilling life. 

For more information about how you can benefit from a range of our programs please visit our Programs & Activities.


SCSC supports children, teenagers and young adults with intellectual disabilities by respecting their dignity and independence and the achievement of their life goals.


SCSC provides a wide range of programs and activities to people with disabilities, their families and carers to realise their full potential, to promote their wellbeing and to support them to fully participate in the community.



For more than ten years, SCSC has been supporting people with intellectual disabilities, their families and carers to take part in different activities for leading them to fulfilling lives.

In working with the participants and their families, we aim to

  • support their wellbeing by delivering a wide range of activities
  • maximise the ability of the participants and to realise their potential
  • support the participants in community participation
  • develop their daily living and social skills
  • support the parents and carers to cope with their demanding caring roles

Our Management Committee

President  Floris Lam 
Vice President  Khanh Van Mach 
Secretary  Patrick Tseng  
Treasurer  Khanh Van Mach 
Operation Manager Agnes Koh